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At all of our salons we offer the most luxurious lotions, aftercare, and products for your tanning needs. We choose to sell only Devoted Creations because of their constant commitment to skincare. The main ingredient in all of the lotions is ALOE  which means you will have the softest skin! We believe that's what you deserve!

If you’re looking for instant color this
End the year on a bright note!! 🍾🥂#new

Top 10 Reasons

to Use Lotion

1. You will get 70% darker than you would without!


2. Devoted lotions are specially formulated to fight aging and wrinkles!

3. They protect against tattoo fading!

4. Our lotions are made to tighten and tone your skin while you tan!

Make it all about H.I.jpg

5. Rehydrates Skin!!

6. Replaces Vitamins!!

7. Fights Cellulite!!

💕Stay devoted to your skin💕

8. Boosts melanin production!!

9. Tighten, tones, and improves overall
look of skin!!

10. Starts tanning you within 1 minute of application!! Without lotion you don't start tanning until up to 10minutes in the bed!!

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