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U.V. Tanning

Whether you're looking for some extra color, getting ready for a vacation, your doctor prescribed it, or you just need some quiet "me time," we have everything you need.
All of our beds are perfectly suited to give you
all the results you are looking for. 


Wellness Club

Our club memberships offer levels 1-4 starting at just $20.99 a month!

Get access to wellness on a new level with our club services including UV levels 1-4, as well as red light therapy AND VersaSpa spray tans! 


Want to try our UV beds but aren't sure where to start?

Try our packages!

Including 100 or 200 minutes(levels 1 and 2 only) and levels 1 - 4 10 sessions.

Minute and session prices starting at only $89.00!  

Month/Week Packages

Going on vacation and need a base tan before you leave?

Come get a month or week package starting at $42.99!

We offer levels 1-4 for all our month or week packages.


level 3 bed!

Types of Beds

We have 4 levels of beds.
Level 1 is our base bed and level 4 is the highest level.
The levels are based on the types of UV rays in each bed and percentages giving you a variety of options in order
for you to get your best tan! 

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